Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas gift guide for girls

Top 5:

1) Socks- I don't know about you but socks, are super comfortable and we wear them all the time, and they get lost all the time, so we keep needing back ups... My favorite socks are from Forever 21 , they are super cute and super comfy, and some are sold for as low as $5!!!!! (click the link to shop)
2) Highlighter- Every girl loves to glow... so why not get them the gift of glowy-ness? My favorite highlighters are Becca Cosmetics highlighter in Pearl, and The Balm Mary Lou(manizer) Becca sells for $38 and The Balm sells for $24(click inks to shop)
3) Gift cards- Sometimes, the best thing to do for christmas, is to not over think a "gift" and get them a "card"... (you get it? Gift-card? No? ok.) Let them do the thinking and just give them money to spend on something they KNOW they want, instead of thinking "Will she/he like it?"
4) Baseball cap- I don't know why I didn't think of this, but caps are all the rage right now... don't ask why because I don't know, but they are... some of the cutest caps I saw during my trip to NY was in Forever 21 , and one I saw in China Town, that I bought for $5 (click link to shop)
5) Bags- I love bags... it's a healthy obsession along with makeup...(but we all know I'm more obsessed with makeup) and it's a perfect gift!!!! Some cute ones you can fund are at Forever 21 , Nordstrom , Betsey Johnson and more! (click link to shop)

-There you go! I hope that gave you some ideas of what to buy your sister, aunt, mother or friend for Christmas!!!! Luv you guys!!!!! xoxo Audrey!-

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